Working on many different media platforms is quite confusing at times. I always forget to update one or another. It seems I’ll never learn the lesson, and will always be an agenda nightmare. It won’t stop me to start trying. I have a new Tumblr account so I can keep you all posted with all my writings and sounds. 

Click here :  Disposition Soleilleuse

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Dj Bonzai Tarzan présente son remède radical!

My life as a DJ.  Now in a new mixtape with beautiful cover art by Hannah (Moemlein, Cotopaxi, Amsterdam, Germany, Finland, Earth!)


DJ BONZAI TARZAN: Un remède radical
Mixtape / C60 / 3 EUR

Bonzai Tarzan has worked as a guardian at Doctor Evariste Ossip Natural History Museum for over twenty years. He usually spends his days at the Tropical Bonzai Forest section nourishing the colony of Liliputean monkeys that live happily amidst the lush foliage, peeling miniature bananas with tweezers and pruning the infinite web of capironas, cercropias, figs, kapok and brazil nut trees. This painstaking, constant and stressful activity led him to develop an unusual relaxation therapy composed of calisthenics and music. Mister Tarzan’s Un Remède Radical is a four step music program to relieve a variety of ailments from seasonal disorders to acute boredom. Cover art by Hannah Friese. Pro-dubbed tapes.

Please send your orders to : lanouvellecite (arroba) gmail (dot) com


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Sunny Disposition first concert in the Netherlands!

Sunny Disposition flyer

Sunny Disposition will be playing along with Id M Theftable, Micht, Ti Femme, Pacific Games, Peter Fengler and Cotopaxi. Expect happy moments and great vibes

Sunday 11 december
doors at 14:30 first act starts at 15:00 finished by 19:00
The program will move fast and is full of excitement. Don’t blink!
Food and a wide range of beverages available.
Stortenbekerstraat 207
Den Haag
Id M Theftable (US)
objects and voice transformer, crossover playtime deity inhabits a universe of joy
acoustic electronics circus proprietor
Only show in the Netherlands

small sound manipulator/hypnotizer, high level pedal wizard
language collector of unspoken words

fragile and powerful guitar microphone duels, open to find balance in space
gentle giant in love and life

pure of soul and sounds, utopian believer and architect of hope
welcome the new breed of positive human

accordion time traveller existing both in the now, the back then and the what will be.
Next level artist in multidimensional approach of matter and heart

The absolute master of serious nonsense, habitual line stepper of wrong and right.
Baroque – Non Baroque.


Return of the original spirit foxes, always in tune with creation
Tricksters who bend reality so smoothly it almost seems natural


Movie program selected by Helena Sanders around a theme of self-invented or
lo-fi film & animation techniques.


Dj’s Datnapoku and Bongo Man

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1 diciembre 2011 · 3:58 PM

Sunny Disposition – Brand new record, sharing and shining

This is the fourth release of Sunny Disposition and I am very happy to share it here!!!!!!

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Hace unos meses participé con un par de temas en el proyecto Dancers! ideado por el coreógrafo Bud Blumenthal. Ocho bailarines trabajaron con esas músicas. Les invito a consultar este enlace:  

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Nuevas grabaciones!!!

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Lazos secretos

Esta es una foto del barrio de la Vicentina en Quito tomada por Otar Iosseliani en 1964 desde una ventana de la casa de mi abuelo. Recuerdo que por esos tiempos yo ya tocaba el piano – grabaciones nuevas.

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